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Most Requested Page Options Ideas

      The ideas listed below are some of the most popularly requested pages that businesses choose. But don't let the word "standard" deceive you. Each page Avariant Technology Consulting designs for your business is custom-built by our expert e-solutions team. Therefore, no two pages composed by Avariant Technology Consulting are exactly alike. If your desired page is not listed, feel free to contact us with your idea. We want to hear your feedback and suggestions.

  • Company Home Page
  • Content Pages for Services and Products
  • Contact Information Pages
  • Company History Pages - Customer Support / Customer Service Pages
  • Interactive Inquiry Pages including mail-forms, online help files
  • News, Press Releases and Frequently Asked Questions Pages
  • Software Download Pages
  • Database / Catalog connected pages (dynamic and static webpages)
  • User Registrations, Online Survey Forms and Discussion Boards
  • Custom Page designed to your specifications
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