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Technology Solutions for Your Business

      Avariant Technology Consulting is as committed to your business success as you are. We realize your commitment to your customers, and that ability of your business to function efficiently and reliably. That's why we work on-site during your non-business hours at your request and offer personalized service to you. Our solutions are designed with productivity and reliability in mind, to ensure your needs are met.

Learn how Avariant Technology Consulting can help your business with the following technical services:

Small Business Startup Solutions

      Getting your professional firm or office started? Avariant Technology Consulting can efficiently arm your business with workstations, networks and communications devices all within a few business days so that you can better concentrate on your business. We also design custom websites to order.

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Install New Computer Systems and Workstations

      Avariant Technology Consulting installs new computers and networks into offices to speed productivity, increase reliability and standardize office technology. Choose to have one computer or an entire system either upgraded or replaced. Our technicians implement quality computer workstations and networking equipment for your business to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Network Services

     Connecting office computers together can enable file sharing, inter-office communications and internet access. Choose Avariant Technology Consulting to implement any size network, ranging from a one or two user network, to a midsize network. Our intranet systems are protected from outside access with firewalls and proven security software. We use trusted routers, hubs and network equipment and install them at a reasonable cost to you.

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Internal / External E-mail Communications

      Want to communicate with your employees in the office or with the outside world using your own .com address? Avariant Technology Consulting can setup, test and maintain e-mail systems for your office.

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Upgrade Current Office Systems

      Avariant Technology Consulting representatives are happy to consult with you and analyze your technology needs. We can upgrade software, and computers. We are flexible to your requests and responsive to your concerns.

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Virus Protection and Computer Security

      We implement the latest Virus Protection software to guard your information and computers against an inadvertent or a purposeful viral attack. Additionally, secure computer access in your office with Avariant Technology Consulting to prevent unauthorized access to your computers while logging usage and user actions.

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Contingency Planning & File Backup

      Storing valuable customer information or research data on a computer system? Prevent against data loss with Avariant Technology Consulting contingency planning solutions. Avoid losing data in cases of bad weather, power outages, computer failures and virus attacks. Our systems backup data each night or at times you specify throughout the day.

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Database Installation & Customization

      Need a custom database and interface designed for ease-of-use and scalability? Avariant Technology Consulting can customize a database for your company that can be accessible by internet or restricted to your office. Examples may include customer information, billing, and employee databases.

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File & Printer Sharing

      Avariant Technology Consulting can setup a file and printer sharing network in your office. Share files between computers or link many computers to only one printer. Utilize this option to reduce maximize data storage space and minimize printer costs.

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Remote Computer Access

      Access your office computer from home or while travelling with ease. Avariant Technology Consulting can assist you in setting up remote computer access that utilizes a familiar, easy-to-use windows interface.

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Internet Access & Communications

      Want your office to be wired to the Internet? Avariant Technology Consulting can help you get internet access for each of your office computers through a single connection, ultimately saving you money. We can also setup your office with a internet service provider upon request.

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Office Equipment

      Avariant Technology Consulting finds the best deals on office equipment for your office based on your requests. We then install the devices and ensure they are in working order before the service is complete.

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Software Installation & Upgrades

      Tired of the old software and its limitations? Allow Avariant Technology Consulting to upgrade and install new software packages that will increase business productivity and add to your business potential. Our analysts will examine your existing hardware and match new software to compliment existing systems.

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