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      Avariant Technology Consulting specializes in building custom, affordable and attractive webpages for your growing business. Our representatives meet with you personally and design custom webpages based on your specific needs. While other design firms re-use the same ideas over and over by using standardized templates, we aim to be truly original with each page. Since no two businesses can ever be alike, why use the same template for two different businesses?. Our web authors are experienced with several leading-edge technologies and design practices. Our own website was built by the same web authors who will serve your business. Lastly, Avariant Technology Consulting adjusts to meet your requests; our web design process includes several interim reviews by you to guarantee that you are satisfied with the page design and content.

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Avariant Technology Consulting Provides the Following Website Services:

    New websites from scratch

            Effective new websites for a business looking to gain a web presence; desgined by our team of web solutions professionals. This is the complete solution for a business looking to get on the web.

    Website or webpage upgrades

            Improve or revamp your existing website with the latest in web design techniques. Redesign portions or single pages of your website to improve its effectiveness and attractiveness. Is your current website an eye-sore? Would you like to increase your website's functionality or make it easier for users to navigate through your site? If so, we can help you overhaul your current site.

    Additional webpages to add to your existing web presence

           Our experts can also design impressive pages to augment your current website and adhere to current page themes. Did a previous design company leave you dissatisfied and not meet your service expectations? Choose this option to add new portions and sections to your existing website while keeping your existing design intact.

    Internal websites for employee use

            Besides being a useful way to interact with your customers, a webpage can also be an effective medium for communicating with your employees and fellow associates. Connect employees together in a internet virtual office to maximize productivity. Learn more about Avariant Technology Consulting can help you set up a Virtual Office here.

    Website maintenance

            We at Avariant Technology Consulting realize that not everyone has the time or know how to update their websites. We can maintain and update your site over a specified period of time. Learn more about Avariant Technology Consulting's Maintenance Services here.

    Website setup services

           Getting on the web involves more than just designing a website. Have our e-solutions team handle the logistics of getting your site up and running. Our consultants can assist you in setting up your own internet server, find hosting locations and setup e-mail. Click to learn about the Website Setup Solutions we offer for your new or current website!

Contact a Avariant Technology Consulting Representative to get your website designed today!

Avariant Technology Consulting Page Suggestions and Ideas

         Unsure about what to put on your business website? Interested in learning more about how a website can help your business grow? Navigate through the links below to see some sample ideas that we came up with for your small business or field. Remember that these are simply potential ideas, we can design custom pages to any theme, topic or service.

    Sample Small Business Page Ideas

           Click to learn more about the possibilities and page ideas we've come up with for small businesses. View the different web application technologies and innovative ideas that Avariant Technology Consulting can provide for you. As always, we encourage the ideas and suggestions of our customers as to the pages they will require.

    Sample Business Professional Page Ideas

           Click here to view some of our original ideas for business professionals and small firms. Included are specialized suggestions for different professional fields (ie. doctors, lawyers, insurance agents . . .). We understand that your business is like no other; our solutions will meet your expectations for quality and value. Our examples are merely suggestions, we can always design pages to your specific requests.

    Internal Virtual Office Page Ideas

           Click to see the wide variety of ideas we've developed for use in your virtual office! Everyday more and more business is being conducted electronically. Learn how to Interact with your fellow employees without ever having to leave home. Don't hesitate to inquire about particular issues or requests you may have.

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